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Choose an Experienced Insurance Attorney in Summit, NJ

You do not need to deal with an insurance company alone. Allow an experienced lawyer to negotiate on your behalf. The team at Milun Law Firm specializes in insurance claims and disputes. Do not hesitate to contact us to speak with a skilled insurance claim lawyer in Summit, NJ.

An attorney can protect your rights and interests when dealing with an insurance company. Paying the full benefit on an insurance policy is something that insurance companies try to avoid. If you want every cent that you deserve, you need a top-rated insurance attorney in Summit, NJ. Contact us today for a consultation!

Legal Services for Insurance Claim Disputes

Receive expert legal advice for a property insurance claim in Summit, NJ. Insurance claims are typically filed when a triggering event occurs, such as a natural disaster or an accident. Fire damage, wind damage, and theft are often covered by homeowners’ policies.

You can rely on Ryan Milun and the team at Milun Law Firm to help with your claim, whether you are disputing the results of a claim or need assistance filing. We have the experience and resources to help you stand up to large insurance companies.

We aim to help you receive the full amount you deserve as quickly as possible, hopefully through negotiation and a settlement. Get a hold of us to discuss your claim.

Commercial Litigation and Insurance Law Firms in Summit, NJ

Insurance companies and large businesses often have a team of high-priced, in-house lawyers. If you want to ensure that you receive fair treatment, it helps to contact an experienced attorney.

As a home insurance attorney in Summit, NJ, I work hard to ensure that my clients receive every penny that they deserve. Along with insurance claims, the team at Milun Law Firm offers legal representation for a broad range of situations, including:

  • Commercial litigation
  • Employment law
  • Entertainment law
  • Insurance recovery

Milun Law Firm can help with all types of commercial litigation in Summit, NJ. No matter the situation, you can expect us to try to resolve the issue through mediation and negotiation. We use litigation as a last resort.

We can help you explore legal options and determine the next step when dealing with an employment issue. New Jersey is an “at will” employee state. However, you still have rights. If you feel that your employer has violated your rights, you may be entitled to some form of compensation.

We are also available to address matters related to entertainment law in Summit, NJ. Allow us to review and negotiate contracts and protect your rights. Actors, writers, directors, and others in the entertainment industry often work on multiple projects throughout the year. Each project brings the need for a new contract and other documents. We can ensure that you receive what you want.

Along with the issues discussed, we also specialize in insurance recovery. If your claim was denied, delayed, or treated unfairly, you need a skilled insurance dispute attorney on your side.

Milun Law Firm is located at 20 Commerce Drive, Suite 135, Cranford, NJ 07016. Call now to arrange a consultation with a local attorney!

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